Play Therapy 102: Seminal Theories

May 10, 2019

9:00AM – 4:30PM

This training consists of a review of the seminal, influential and formative, counseling and personality theories which are applied to play therapy. Theories covered will be: Psychoanalytic, Child-Centered (Person Centered), Adlerian; Jungian; Gestalt; and Cognitive Behavioral. We will review each by looking at the theory’s view of the person, how dysfunction develops, how change occurs, and the role of the play therapist. Each theory will be analyzed for the prominent therapeutic powers of play. Videos and case information will be used to highlight the theories.

Mental health professional’s taking this training must have already had either Play Therapy 101: The Basics or other basic play therapy training (history, toys & materials, tracking & facilitative responses, and basic play therapist skills).

This training covers a portion of the Association for Play Therapy’s (APT) required criteria for becoming a Registered Play Therapist (RPT).

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. List the seminal play therapy theories
  2. Place the play therapy theories along the nondirective-directive continuum
  3. Identify the key components of each theory: view of person, dysfunction, goals, role of play therapist
  4. Discuss how the play therapist’s skills vary by theory
  5. Apply the therapeutic powers of play within each theory
  6. Identify one’s own values alignment with theories reviewed

Six (6) Continuing Education Hours
Homeyer & Associates is co-sponsoring this training and is an Association for Play Therapy (APT) Approved Provider 98-041. Door Of Hope is an approved continuing education provider with Texas LPC #3360 and TX SW #7620.

$150, Professionals

$100, Graduate Students

To Register:

REFUNDS, less $25 processing fee, is available if requested in writing/email, within 7 days of the event. CANCELLATION POLICY: This training may be cancelled for under-enrollment up to seven days prior to the training date. In such a case, full refunds will be provided. COMPLAINT POLICY: Any complaints may be directed to Dr. Linda Homeyer, Director of the Door of Hope at

ADA ACCOMMODATION: If you have a disability for which you will require accommodation your request must be on file in our office by April 22, 2019. Email






Upcoming seminars by the Mental Health Professionals Training Program of Door of Hope Counseling Center. All are taught by Dr. Linda Homeyer, LPCS, RPT-S.

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July 13, Saturday: Play Therapy 104: Themes & Theories in Play Therapy
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August 2, Friday & August 3, Saturday: Let’s Play Together: Group Play Therapy
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