Counseling Services

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-Prepare and Enrich
-Postpartum Mental Health

We see those who need help dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, child abuse, domestic violence, behavioral problems, family issues, couples’ difficulty, transition issues, and many others. We also provide pre-marital counseling (which qualifies couples to receive a waiver of their marriage license fees) and new moms dealing with post-partum mood difficulties.

Our counselors also have specialized training in special counseling approaches:

Young Children: Children 3-8 years old have difficulty talking about their problems. Play therapy is to children what talk-therapy is to adults. Play therapy utilizes play, children’s natural and developmentally appropriate medium of expression, to help them express their feelings, experiences, and beliefs more easily through toys than through words. Play therapists often use the phrase, “Toys are the child’s words, play is their language.” Several of our counselors are Registered Play Therapists (RPT) or working toward that special certification. To see more, click here.

Tweens: 8-11 or 12 years old’s, are in that in-between and confusing age (for themselves and their caregivers) of not yet teenagers and too mature for ‘baby’ activities. We have counselors trained in various expressive arts, including sandtray therapy, and experiential activities. These allow tweens to move forward to healthier coping skills and relationships.

Teens: Generally, aged 13-17 or so, teenagers experience a variety of difficulties as they try to sort out who they are and who they are becoming. Various life events can make this transition time a more difficult one. Counselors at the Door are trained to use expressive arts as noted above as well as traditional talk therapy.

Family therapy is useful for families who desire to work on communication issues and how to be a happier family. This may occur when a child, tween, or teen is being seen and family sessions become an important part of the counseling process. Or, a family may come in with a specific issue, like grief and loss, family transitions of some kind, which are best handled with the entire family. Our counselors are trained to work with each family’s unique needs.

Adults & Couples: Traditional talk therapy as well as some expressive arts (if desired) to help work out emotional and psychological distress; deal with mental health illnesses; and/or other relational issues. We have a counselor trained specifically in marriage and family counseling.

Prepare and Enrich: We are approved by TWOGETHER IN TEXAS to offer pre-marital counseling which when completed, will waive the marriage license fee. We have a counselor who is trained in the Prepare and Enrich materials and assessments.

Postpartum Mental Health: After the birth or adoption of a child, mothers and fathers can face emotional changes such as increased anxiety, depression, experiencing abnormal or scary thoughts, along with other mental health symptoms. We have a counselor specifically trained to work with women and men who are looking for counseling help after the introduction of a new baby into the family unit.


Our counseling session fee structure varies by experience level. This ranges from $120 to $70 per session. A sliding scale is also available.  Members of Freedom Fellowship Church continue to receive an automatic reduction of $20.00 per session. See our counselors’ individual information which also provides their session fee.

If you need a sliding scale fee or financial assistance for counseling, please complete the appropriate form and bring it with you to the first session. Please follow directions on each form. These are found on the FORMS tab.

In order to eliminate costly processing of insurance or other third-party payments only cash, checks, and debit/credit cards are accepted. Receipts for services are available so clients may file directly with their own insurance providers.